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Emtel Ltd, a joint venture between Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co. Ltd. and Millicom International Cellular, starts cellular mobile telephone service on the 29th of May 1989. This date marks the first commercial launch of cellular phones in Mauritius and the Southern Hemisphere.

Emtel Cellular Telephone Service is officially inaugurated in November 1989 by Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, Governor General of Mauritius in the presence of the Prime Minister, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth. The first hand portable phones are introduced at the same time.

January 1998 marks the launch of EmCard, the ready-to-use cellular service(remote memory cards).

15 Dec 1999 is the date that Emtel Ltd introduced GSM cellular phones that uses a SIM card (plastic) & remote memory cellphone cards (paper).The remote memory cards for GSM phones have the same face values as the previous set for the previous type of cellular phone.

That is Rs100, Rs200, Rs500. But the design is different of course.

Special thanks to Emtel Ltd.

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