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Welcome to the Collectibles Shop which is an illustrated phonecards catalogue showing all the different types of phonecards of Mauritius, as well as those from Reunion island, Madagascar with data on them. Phonecards from other countries are also on sale, & can be seen. Other items for collecting are also available stamps & postcards of Mauritius. I hope to add coins & bank notes of Mauritius as well as pins soon

NOTE : I have changed email address but have not been able to modify all the pages yet, so presently only the index  & ordering pages  have my actual email addresses :  & 

Mauritius Collectibles has just moved host so it will take some time to make some changes, email addresses have changed. See the new email address to contact me below & at the underline words. The other pages still have my old email addresses that are no longer valid. I will be changing them as soon as possible.

Mauritius Collectibles is registered member of Square Trade as proves the small link below, you may click on it to find out about Mauritius collectibles being registered as member. You are probably aware that Square Trade is an company helping to solve any problems between buyers & sellers, it guarantees my deals up to  US$50. You can go to the site & find out more about it.

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You are actually listening to the Mauritius national anthem. See Map showing where Mauritius is on the globe below. .

I have just updated the Mauritius chip cards pages today the10th September, I will be updating the other pages on Mauritius phonecards as well as those from Reunion island, this week, so please come back in a few days, I am sorry, I have not been able to update it in time as I had expected. .

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