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Hello I have decided to put some of the recommendations that I got from satisfied customers for the benefit of those who have doubts about my honesty & integrity in doing business. I have not put their detailed address nor their email address because I know that this will cause them to get more spam to their email addresses, due to certain practices being done by some businesses using softwares to collect email addresses on the web & then selling the addresses to other businessmen To send spam to them. I do not approve of this type of advertising & do not wish to cause my valued customers nuisance by risking them getting spam . So if you wish to verify that the recommendations are true, just ask me & I will send you their addresses for verification of the truthfullness & veracity of the comments.

28 February 2001


You are a true gentleman and a pleasure to deal with.  Such consideration, fair pricing and personal integrity are becoming rarer these days.  Sir, I salute you.

Dave Ussell.
P.S. - If you ever want to add unsolicited testimonials to your web site, you have my permission to add mine.

(This client bought stamps from me but the others bought phonecards from me)


19 March 2001

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your email and information of website.
Regarding your questions for comments from me, I can note:

- decriptions of phonecards are correct
- prices are acceptable
- service and delivery are prompt
sum up: purchases can made without risk.
Kind regards
Dieter Seidel.


19 March 2001

Thank you again for the the cards from Reunion Island which have arrived safely.
This is my fourth occasion purchasing cards from you and again I must thank you for your assistance in building my collection.  Your cards have always been in perfect condition and I have always got ''good value for money'' which is a
saying here in Ireland.
You have always been perfectly honest with me in my purchasing. On all occasions I have been buying cards from countries which I did not have before and the value was unknown to me.   When I have seen these cards later for sale on other
sites they are always more expensive.   I must also remark on the speed at which the cards arrive to me in the mail.
They arrive so fast from Mauritius to Ireland that I have no doubt they they are mailed on the day that I order them.  I have no problem in promoting your site and business to my Irish friends and other collectors around the world.
Tom Ahern,
Co. Cork.


19 March 2001

So, you can freely put the following comment:

I would recommend him as one of the most professional dealers on the net.He
knows how to negotiate, he is flexible and he knows how to satisfy all clients.
I hope that we will co-operate in the future.
Athanasia Papatriantafyllou,



20 March 2001

Hi Joseph,
I would be happy to give you my recommendation.  You can say that I find you pleasant to deal with, you communicate very well with your customers, and are responsive to their requests.  Furthermore, I have been very happy with the cards I have received from you.  Let me know if you need anything else.
Bob Roth


20 March 2001

Thank you Joseph for the high quality of phonecards, friendly and fast transaction. I highly recommend Joseph as a trustworthy seller. I live in the UK (Sussex England).
Thomas Waumsley


22 March 2001

Hi Joseph,

I have been very happy to work with you, the agreements made by email have been always respected. One gets the cards ordered . Nice welcome,website to be visited & to recommend.


(This original message was in French , I have translated it.)


From: Vladimir Hatcher <>
To: Joseph WKY <>
Subject: Re: Need help
Date: 25 March 2001 12:01

Hi Joseph ,

I have been purchasing cards from Joseph for quite a long time now and I am delighted with his swift reply to my orders . I have been collecting for about 16 years and have dealt with many dealers / collectors and have no hesitation in recomending Joseph . His service is swift , pleasant and cards are always in first class condition .

I have no problem if you want to include my email address if it helps .

Colwyn Bay


From: "Francesco Lucesoli" <>
To: "Joseph WKY" <>
Subject: Re: Need help
Date: 05 April 2001 02:11

This is what you asked me.

I'm Francesco from Italy. I had decided a swap with Joseph WKY and after there were some post problems and Joseph was so correct that he sent me some items for free because I had this postal problem.
So I think he is really an honest person.

I think that this is what you asked me Joseph, isn't it?
Thank you very much again for your cooperation.


From: "Alain Knecht" <>
To: Joseph WKY
Subject: Re: Need your help
Date: 21 May 2001 16:53

Hi Joseph,

Our meeting in Mauritius was nice and it is a shame that we could not meet a second time, your cellular phone was not switched on! Now we know each other better, it`s with pleasure that I leave the following message that you can include at your website as a recommendation on my part.

I want to recommend Joseph from Mauritius who is a honest person with a real passion for phonecards. He will also give you good counsels & information on the cards & its manufacturers.

Alain Knecht
10 bis rue St-Ylie
F-39100 Foucherans

Goodbye, Alain

( The original message was in French, I translated it)

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